Thursday, December 29, 2016

What is a "Facebook Party"?

"What is a Facebook Party?" I asked when my friend invited me to my first one.  I had been to home parties for a couple direct sales companies but never a virtual party.  The idea intrigued me.  I ended up being free that night so I went at least to find out what it was, not knowing much about the product, Usborne Children's Books. The party was great and so much fun to interact with a group of friends without leaving home.

Grandma's gifts & Garage Sale finds
Turns out I did know about these Usborne Books,  Grandma had sent a few last year for Easter!  And those paperback early reader Phonics Stories I picked up at the recent garage sale were from Usborne as well!

I thought to myself during the party "My friends would actually be interested in this kind of party!" They may not buy jewelry or have a budget for a new purse but I know they love books and these are so affordable.  And I want them ALL so i might as well get some for a great deal by hosting.  I set a date for my party and started wondering what was this "book thing" all about?

I was beginning to feel like life was manageable with 3 kids now that the youngest was over 2. And what else could I do with my time?  We were nannying for a family temporarily so I also had a cash stash of my own for the first time in a long time.  Stephanie, My book lady mentioned I could make my party my first one as a consultant if I wanted to try out the business, buy the starter kit with a great set of books for a steep discount, and do a few parties to see what happened.  Worst case I get a great deal on the books I accumulate trying.

Even the worst case scenario sounds like a great deal to me, and with nothing to lose I jumped in with nothing to lose. My sponsor was was patient with me and my team was super helpful with training and message boards to ask questions.  I really appreciate our company culture to be anti-spam or high pressure.  We have great rewards for new consultants and I earned a partial refund on my kit and 2 goodie boxes with supplies and books!  I was well on my way to achieving good size library for the kids!

What I found was the more I shared these books the more I got excited and others around me did too.  In my first year I introduced 8 people to the business opportunity and started building my own team of Book Ladies.  Along the way I also earned our annual incentive trip, a Western Caribbean Cruise!  Not a bad reward for just trying it out and seeing what happens.  :)